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Android System Monitor Widget 1.1.0


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Description of
Android System Monitor Widget
aiSystemWidget is system monitor utility that provides newest, innovative way of monitoring your Android based mobile device system resources, like Memory, CPU, Network traffic, Battery usage and etc.

Full name of Application is "System Monitor Widget for Android". It is an advanced system monitoring application that covers geeks curiosity: "How system works?", "How it consumes own resources?", "What hardware do I have?", "How can I improve system performance?" and of course it comes with couple advanced reporting capabilities. All these features are bundled in a smart Android home screen widget. On widget tap you will explore application reporting system: network traffic monitoring - WiFi and GPRS/EDGE/3G, Battery usage, CPU/memory usage, hardware information and running processes, Network state (connection strength, IP address, MAC address, AP details, link speed, frequency, connection type, ect.) All these metrics you can watch in runtime and record for future analysis.

* View runtime information about resources usage right from home widget.
* Record history of system resources usage and analyze it in a visual way. You can record up to one month of system resources usage data and analyze it.
* All resource tracking routines is highly optimized to make memory and CPU utilization minimal. Access to lowest system levels.
* Explore your phone internals by integrated advanced System Information activity. In one touch review all information about your system devices such as CPU (real frequency, factory frequency, model, revision), Memory (RAM, micro-SD card size, cache), Battery (charge, status, health, temperature and much more), Telephony (IMEI, sim state, network details), Firmware (build, version, board brand, etc) and Display (resolution, DPI, refresh rate).
* Task Manager with advanced features: view/kill all running process, mark important processes, view process runtime details and much more...
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Author: ArtfulBits Inc.
License: Shareware
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